It's no secret that macarons are a hot new trend. But one Kansas City bakery is taking them to cooler degrees...frozen, if you will.

Natasha's Mulberry & Mott, located in Kansas City, MO's upscale Country Club Plaza shopping district, the retailer sells a variety of macaron ice cream sandwiches that retail for about $4.50 apiece.

The cookies are made with the same formula used in the bakery's signature traditional French macrons, and adjusted for size to house about 1/2 cup of homemade ice cream, sherbert or sorbet that replaces the cookie's traditional filling. Flavors varieties can change almost daily, depending on ingredient availability or whatever mood happens to strike, and they include, chocolate, peanut butter & jelly, melon, sweet potato, lemon verbena, and others.

The chocolate ice cream sandwich is made with chocolate ice cream and a chocolate macaron, and the peanut butter & jelly includes peanut butter flavored ice cream, homemade strawberry jelly and a hand-made marshmallow.