Mobile merchandising is quickly becoming the next big thing in food marketing, and the ice cream truck is back...for kids and adults alike. Don't believe us? Just look at the DQ Blizzard truck making its way across the country on a 25-city tour to celebrate the Blizzard's 25th birthday.

And in Los Angeles, Coolhaus Ice Cream peddles their cool ice cream sandwiches from the back of a "grown-up" ice cream truck that customers can even reserve for special events. Coolhaus announces its current location via Twitter so that followers will always be privvy to where the ice cream sandwiches can be found.

At the National Restaurant Association's annual conference in Chicago, two food trucks were featured on the show floor: the MobiMunch food truck and the "Street-za" pizza truck, showcasing various ways that food can be merchandised on wheels.

You've got a beautiful product inside your bakery. Consider taking it to the streets!