Get Sassie!, an innovative new line of culinary products for the home and professional baker, announces the expansion of their colored SassieShotz isomalt line for 2012. This new SassieShotz initiative will include new holiday collections, the introduction of more isomalt colors, and weekly and monthly sales promotions.

Available in cloud, jewel, pearl, and glitter varieties, SassieShotz isomalt sticks are designed for use with the patent-pending SassieShot Sugar Melting Gun. The SassieShot provides a safe and convenient solution for sugar decorations and confection assembly, with two temperature settings for either thinner or thicker isomalt consistencies, and a no-drip precision nozzle that prevents mess and reduces the risk of burns.

The 6-inch SassieShotz isomalt sticks are composed of 28 grams of pure isomalt, precooked and ready to melt. With over 50 different colors in stock, they can be combined to create the perfect confectionery color scheme for all holidays.

Each week in 2012, one of the dozens of colors will be on sale for 50% off the regular price, and on the 7th of every month, a never-before-seen SassieShotz color will hit the market. These “Sassie7th” new color releases will begin on January 7th with the release of Opal Pearl isomalt. The 50% off week-long sales are already underway and heralded on the Get Sassie! website and through social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.  GetSassie! will also unveil new holiday collections in the month of January, including a Spring collection and a Shamrock collection for St. Patrick's Day.