Barry Callebaut, a leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, has announced the launch of its latest new dairy-free and plant-based solution, Dairy-Free Compounds under its namesake brand.

This new chocolate product innovation joins Barry Callebaut’s North American existing Plantcraft range of dairy-free chocolates, nuts, cocoa powders, and cacaofruit experience ingredients. Dairy-Free Compound introduces a versatile, new solution set that’s 100% plant-based and 100% dairy-free. Made in fully segregated production facilities that do not handle dairy, the portfolio offers a range of shelf-stable dark compound suitable for the confection, snack and bakery segments, with a dark low melt chunks offerings for the ice cream market. The full range includes:

  • Dark Dairy-free EZ Melt Compound – Easy workability and a higher melt-point for a variety of applications including molding, enrobing, drizzling, bottoming or even panning
  • Dark Dairy-free Compound Chip / Chunk – Ideal for baked goodies such as cookies and are also a decadent addition to trail mixes or other snacks
  • Dark Dairy-free Compound Soft Chunk – Ideal for plant-based or allergen-free ice cream & frozen dairy applications for added texture
  • Dark Dairy-free Compound Soft Shaped Chunks – Ideal for brands desiring a customized inclusion to relay a theme or accent to their product
  • Dark Dairy-free Bulk Liquid – Ideal for large scale molding, enrobing, drizzling, bottoming with easy workability

These dairy-free and plant-based solutions provide a wide variety of application possibilities for confectionery, ice cream, bakery and snacks.

“To support the plant-based revolution, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering, Dairy-Free Compounds,” says Laura Bergan, director, Barry Callebaut Brand. “Recent successful plant-based launches met market demands with a flavor-first mentality, focusing on taste. At Barry Callebaut, we’ve taken the plant-based opportunity to a new level elevating products on indulgences that happen to be plant-based. We’re excited to see the industry expand product lines and introduce new innovative creations to cater to everyone’s lifestyle choice, across different generations.”