Albert Uster Imports, a privately held gourmet food company, announced a new partnership with acclaimed pastry and bakery manufacturer, Martin Braun. As the exclusive distributor of BRAUN products in the United States, customers will receive a selection of high-quality, high-value and extremely versatile ingredients.

Known for their superior product quality, the exclusive BRAUN product line matches AUI’s standards of culinary excellence. BRAUN, based in Hanover, Germany, is a worldwide leader in the baking industry and caters to AUI’s core customer base with a comprehensive collection of powder mixes, baking ingredients, flavorings, fillings, glazes and coatings.

In addition to delivering BRAUN’s “quality on principle” products to customers, AUI offers exclusive recipe creations on their website to demonstrate the versatility and convenience of the collection. “Alaska Express is the signature product in our BRAUN line. It includes over 10 different freeze-stable powder mousse mixes that are easily to prepare to achieve a consistent product,” Corporate Pastry Chef, Amanda Haba said.

“We are thrilled to exclusively import and distribute the BRAUN collection,” President and CEO, Philipp Braun said. “As culinary experts, BRAUN understands the importance of a knowledgeable sales force and AUI is excited to partner with them.”