Qzina Specialty Foods, the premier supplier of chocolate, pastry and dessert ingredients in North America, has partnered with Irca as its exclusive United States distributor. Headquartered and manufactured in Italy, Irca found its success in creating convenient, versatile and delicious dessert solutions for busy gourmet professionals. Qzina now offers an extensive collection of the Irca product line, including mousse and dessert mixes, specialty products, stabilizers and glazes.

“We’re pleased to be Irca’s exclusive US distributor, adding their impressive portfolio to our catalog of more than 1,500 dessert and pastry products,” says Richard Foley, CEO and founder of Qzina Specialty Foods. “Qzina has a long history of partnering with industry-leading brands to provide the best products and value to our customers. We continue to find new ways to broaden our selection and Irca’s wide range of high-quality, easy-to-use products is the perfect addition to our extensive collection.”

Since 1919, Irca has been producing high-quality, innovative food products for the baking and pastry industry. Bringing quality, convenience and natural flavors together are the hallmarks of the Irca collection. Irca’s dessert products have the taste and texture of a from-scratch recipe and can be used in a variety of applications, many of which can be made in two simple steps.

The company’s signature Irca Lilly 2-Step Mousse Mixes are an easy and delicious solution for gourmet professionals. A chef simply combines Lilly Mousse with a liquid and whipped cream to create a specialty dessert in minutes. Irca Lilly’s large assortment of flavors like Tiramisu, Cappuccino, Cream Cheese and Mango offers variety so chefs can experiment with different flavor profiles.

Additional ready-to-use products by Irca include:
• Irca Cukicream Filling for Pastry Bake Stable: Versatility is the key. Spreadable and easy to work with straight from the container, Irca Cukicream can be piped into tart shells, used as fillings for croissants, pastries or cookies, or used to flavor buttercreams, custards, gelato and ice cream.

• Irca Crème Brûlée and Crème Caramel Mixes: Irca’s light and creamy dessert mixes produce sweet treats that taste like they’re made from scratch. Simply mix with milk or cream and brulee the top with sugar for an easy dessert masterpiece.

• Irca Mirror Glazes: Available in white or dark chocolate, desserts and pastries will look and taste their best. Glaze cakes and entremets for a lustrous shine, or spread it on cream puffs, éclairs and dipped strawberries. The possibilities are endless and delicious.

• Irca Deli Choux: A delicious mix for Pate au Choux, Irca’s ready-to-use solution can be used for making éclairs, cream puffs or Paris Brest. The ready-to-use solution simplifies the process and puffs up in the oven with a perfect rise just like a from-scratch recipe.

To view the Irca collection, visit www.Qzina.com.