Fancy Sprinkles, maker of luxury edible sprinkles, glitter and accessories, continues to innovate in the edible arts category through its latest products. Easy Candy meltable candy wafers come in microwavable piping bags that eliminate any guesswork or need for additional applicators, dishes and tools, giving each creator more time decorating and less time cleaning.

These vibrantly colored vanilla-flavored confectionery chips come in a ready to use 12-ounce microwavable piping bag. After just 60 seconds in the microwave, Easy Candy is ready to dip, drizzle or pour to decorate cakesicles, cake pops, dipped strawberries, covered Oreos and much more.

Easy Candy is currently available in seven colors with additional colors launching in Fall 2021:

  • Optic White
  • Big Apple Red
  • Orchid Purple
  • Tropical Pink
  • Calamine Pink
  • Parisian Blue
  • Slime Green

“All bakers know, the cleanup is the worst part when working with meltable candy wafers. You have to use so many different tools. It’s a cleanup nightmare,” says Lisa Stelly, Fancy Sprinkles founder and chief creative officer who is also a full-time working mother with three young daughters. “I thought, how can I spend less time doing dishes and cleaning messes and more time doing the fun part, decorating?”