Grand Traverse Pie Company has announced that it is honoring mothers and fathers everywhere on their special days with two special pies.

The pie shop, with 15 locations throughout Michigan and Indiana, is releasing the Strawberry Champagne Pie for Mother’s Day. It’s filled with red ripe strawberry filling with a hint of champagne flavor, finished with a toasty crumb topping and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Each pie has a pastry dough ribbon and heart that says ‘MOM’ for Mother’s Day. This signature pie is back as part of the ‘Best of Series of Pie’ and will be served throughout the month of May.

For Father’s Day in June, Grand Traverse Pie Co. is offering a Chocolate Stout Pie. Michigan-based Right Brain Brewery’s famous CEO Stout is baked into a rich layer of chocolate ganache at the bottom and also into its creamy chocolate filling, which is topped with meringue and drizzled with more chocolate ganache. This pie is also part of the ‘Best of Series of Pie’ and will be available at each Grand Traverse Pie Co. location.

Complimentary Slices of Pie for Moms and Dads on their special days are available at most Grand Traverse Pie Co. locations. Both Traverse City and Grand Rapids Pie Shops are closed on Sunday, so to celebrate those locations will offer the free slices on Saturday. Additionally, the Troy location is currently closed both Saturday and Sunday, so the free slices will be offered on the Friday preceding both holidays.

In 2021, Grand Traverse Pie Co. is celebrating its 25th anniversary, first opening its doors in Traverse City on July 19, 1996. In recognition of this year’s milestone, the pie shop will have fun celebrations, giveaways, special pies, videos and more throughout the entire year.