BakeMark, a market leader in bakery ingredients, products and supplies, has announced the expansion of its digital online ordering solution to the bakery community, Sup-R-Shop, which has been available to BakeMark customers since 2008.

“At BakeMark, we’ve always been focused on helping our customers succeed,” says David Lopez, director of marketing for BakeMark. “We deliver unmatched service through our expert Sales Teams, who safely meet with and directly support our customers in all areas of bakery operations. The expansion of Sup-R-Shop is yet another solution-based service our Sales Associates offer to our customers to help streamline their operation. We all know that online ordering is a small part of the industry. Most customers continue to demand ideas and support at the store level, which we provide. We will let online ordering be an option, one of many we offer.”

Sup-R-Shop enables BakeMark customers to view the company’s product portfolio and make easy, convenient purchases online that best meet the needs of the bakery. This digital option ties in to yet another solution-based service that BakeMark offers to its customers, SpeedeePay. SpeedeePay digital payments allows BakeMark customers to manage their accounts online, invoice payment as one example.