Ranking as the fastest growing social network ever, Google+ provides a streamlined version of the marketing advantages offered by Facebook and Twitter. By acquiring a Google+ page for your bakery, your will be able to efficiently target your marketing to relevant consumers.

Facebook was originally designed to revolve around the user’s social life, not their consumer habits or interests. At the sight of lucrative marketing opportunities, businesses altered what was once a medium for friendships and interests into a highway strewn with competing billboards.

On the other hand, Google+ prioritizes interests, not relationships. Meaning that marketing on Google+ is less about nagging thousands of disinterested consumers and more about providing interested consumers with information they want. Reaching out to your niche audience is no longer an exhausting task. For instance, this will be an incredibly valuable asset to bakers who produce vegan or gluten free cakes, considering that their product appeals to a limited demographic.

While many complain that the program is complicated compared to its peer networks, it’s worth taking the time to learn. As the network’s growth continues to accelerate, familiarity with the program will improve your marketing and keep your bakery ahead of the curve.