Connecting to your community is a vital part of your bakery business. For instance, Gateaux Bakery & Cafe in Edison, NJ, prioritizes the simple and light tastes of Korean cuisine. Due to a considerably large Korean population that began develop nearly a decade ago, Gateaux is able to provide traditional Korean pastries to customers.

It’s not so much that the bakery sells Korean pastries because it’s a Korean bakery as much as because the customers buy that particular cuisine. More often than not, the customer is the deciding factor.

Michiyo Shinohara, general manager of Gateaux says that because majority of their customers are Korean it is to their advantage to provide products that are familiar to shoppers.

That being said, there is a huge advantage to assessing your shopper’s likes and dislikes. If you are able to provide a product that appeals to that community, you may be able to develop a loyal customer base.