National online gourmet gifting company Bake Me A Wish! is offering a wide selection of COVID-friendly gourmet bakery treats for Halloween, during a year when many customers won’t be celebrating in the same ways they normally would.

The seasonal selection includes old time candy favorites such as the Butterfinger Candy Cake, Baby Ruth Candy Cake and the Nestle Crunch Candy Cake, delivered right to customers’ doors in time for Halloween. 

In addition to the candy cakes, Bake Me A Wish! also offers gifts such as the Spooky Spider Tote, Hocus Pocus Halloween Pail, Trick or Treat Boo Box and jumbo cupcakes in Pumpkin Spiced Jack-O-Lantern, Candy Corn, Spider Chocolate and Cobweb Confetti flavors. 

Mini cupcakes include chocolate, red velvet and vanilla flavors with creamy frosting, orange and black sprinkles and an array of ghoulish faces. Customers can choose among a variety of Halloween-themed sugar candies and a personalized Happy Halloween card.