The votes have been counted, every last crumb devoured and the results are in - Dancing Deer Baking Company Brownies have been voted America's Best Tasting Brownies! And to mark this honor, Dancing Deer Brownies are now being made available for everyone to taste for themselves - for free*!

Based on a "Brownie Blind Taste Test" recently conducted on City Hall Plaza in Boston, MA, Dancing Deer's all-natural, baked-from-scratch brownies won the taste test battle by a wide margin. Going head to head against popular box mix brownies and in-store supermarket-baked brownies, Dancing Deer Brownies were voted the clear favorite by 300+ consumer taste testers.

"Dancing Deer's were the sweetest, smoothest, tastiest brownies of those we tried; moist, and almost fudgy," said Dave and Patricia Lawser of Fort Collins, Colorado.

And that's not all. The results of a concurrent national consumer survey add even more flavor to the "Brownie Blind Taste Test" findings. In an overwhelming landslide, nearly 90 percent of those surveyed chose Dancing Deer's brownies as the best tasting, better than both popular supermarket store brands and pre-packaged box mix brownies. Survey respondents were effusive in their praise, saying:

"Hands down the best brownies I have ever eaten!"

Because Dancing Deer is so proud of the results, they want everyone to be able to share in the excitement, so they are offering consumers coast to coast the opportunity to sample America's Best Tasting Brownies for free*! Beginning Wednesday, October 19th, consumers can visit and place their order for six (6) assorted Dancing Deer Brownies including the award-winning Chocolate Chunk Brownie, along with Caramel Pecan and Peanut Butter Brownies!

"We are thrilled about being voted America's Best Tasting Brownie," said Frank Carpenito, President & CEO of Dancing Deer Baking Company. "We are passionate about doing everything we can each day to ensure we are baking the best tasting brownies in the marketplace. We are delighted by the results of both the blind taste test and national survey informing us that consumers truly do prefer Dancing Deer Brownies over all other available alternatives. We want to celebrate this great affirmation by sharing our delicious brownies with everyone who would like to try them."

And with the holiday season fast approaching, there couldn't be a better time to consider sending the gift of Dancing Deer Brownies to everyone on your holiday gift list. Baked sweets have been some of the most well-received gifts at holidays for years. In fact, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents, 90 percent, said they would rather find a gift of brownies under the tree this year than a popular sausage and cheese assortment or a fruitcake. In addition to America's Best Tasting Brownies, Dancing Deer also offers delicious baked-from-scratch cookies, cakes, baking mixes, and even gingerbread houses for the holidays, all artfully packaged in a beautiful variety of keepsake gift baskets, tins, and wooden boxes. Be sure to follow Dancing Deer on Facebook at and Twitter at @DancingDeer this holiday season for great discount offers and holiday season contests too, or visit Dancing Deer on its website at