On July 8, Buzzfeed’s food site, Tasty, shared a video on social media of cake replicas of everyday objects being cut with a knife. The video, which has been viewed well over 14 million times on Twitter in just a few short days, has created quite a stir online as people don’t know what to believe is real anymore.

Crocs, toilet paper, a potted plant, a bottle of lotion, bananas, a pizza and much more are cut in half, revealing a surprising cake interior each time.

The cakes come courtesy of Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil, who shares her work with Red Rose Cakes on Instagram at @redrosecake_tubageckil.

These edible optical illusions have become very popular in recent years. Last year, Luke Vincentini, an independent cake artist who formerly worked at the famed Carlo’s Bakery, made headlines with his own hyper-realistic cake depictions of items such as a can of White Claw hard seltzer, a bag of Doritos, a carton of eggs and other grocery items.