Following CDC guidelines for safe social distancing, half of consumers would be comfortable dining in at restaurants with a 6-foot distance between tables. Additionally, more than a quarter of consumers would be more comfortable with 9-15 feet of distance.

Technomic reports that 50% of consumers feel that tables should be spaced 6 feet apart at restaurants and other foodservice establishments in order for them to feel comfortable dining there. 20% feel that it should be 9 feet, 5% would be comfortable with 12 feet and 2% would like 15 feet.

When dining at these establishments, more than half of consumers would follow social distancing measures, but less than half would be willing to wear a mask or gloves when in a restaurant. 61% would follow the 6-foot distance protocols, 42% would be alright with having their temperature taken before entering, 40% would wear a mask and 32% would wear gloves.

Consumers ages 35-44 are more likely to wear a mask to be able to dine in. 50% of this age group would agree to this measure.