Panaderías are ready for spring and the increase in cake business that comes with it. “We have a lot of events for cakes. We do special orders also,” El Sol Panadería owner Odette Orduno says about their cake sales this season.

While Panadería Don Goyo does plenty of cake business all year, weddings and quinceaneras during the springtime are particularly high point for sales. The building the bakery moved into several years ago is a converted church with a second level big enough to devote to cake decorating. The cake decorating space has allowed it to grow that segment of the business, especially for holidays, wedding, and other special events.

Cakes in 2020 are trending toward more colorful options. Hand-painted, watercolor cakes will take over in the spring. Cake decorators are artists, so adding a little art to a cake with hand-painted frosting can go a long way.

Florals remain popular for spring cakes, but you can find creative ways to reinvigorate the designs. Try pressing and crystallizing edible flowers to accent your wedding cake and turn it into a blooming masterpiece. They can even be hand-painted onto the cake to combine two trends into one, says Jasmine Clouser, owner of The Couture Cakery in Tustin, California.

“Natural looking and organic floral accents on cake will be a big trend this spring,” she says. “Whether it is hand-painted florals or textured florals created in buttercream using a palette knife, this look brings true art to any wedding.”

Fruits and vegetables can add a punch of flavor to cakes this season. One of the most popular fruits this time of year is strawberries, as it is one of the first to ripen and is bursting with flavor and possibilities. They have a sweet scent, which provides an additional sensory aspect to desserts.

Another seasonal food, avocados, can provide a wealth of benefits to the bakery in items both sweet and savory. Their mild flavor pairs well with others including chocolate. They especially work well as “seasonal sensation” pairings with fresh berries, and can add a health boost to desserts.

Spring cakes will continue to feature seasonal favorites such as citrus, but bakers are looking for unique twists and complements to set them apart.

Chocolate will remain a popular flavor on cakes this spring. It will be used in everything from the actual cake to icings and drippings. El Sol Panadería specializes in tres leches cakes, with chocolate being the most popular flavor. Among the chocolate products offered by BakeMark that panaderías are using include ganaches, chocolate chips and chunks, coating blocks, couverture, and chocolate decorations.

In terms of colors, the popular options for wedding and quinceaneras right now are burgundy and gold. They are elegant and match the festive nature of these celebrations. A burgundy and gold cake can be paired with decorations at these events for a truly eye-catching display.