While sweet treats are popular all year, the spring season brings the opportunity to reinvent your menu with items that can appeal to those seeking something fun and flavorful to match the bright days and warm weather.

Cakes will always remain popular, but you can offer them in different forms to bring something new to your store. At Guanajuato Bakery in Fort Worth, Texas, colorful cake pops are prominently displayed to draw in customers’ eyes. Dipped in chocolate, drizzled with bright colors, and covered in BakeMark’s unicorn sprinkles, these exciting treats provide a quick dessert for children and adults alike.

Smaller cakes pack plenty of flavor into a convenient form. Panadería Celaya in Grand Prairie, Texas has found a great deal of success with its Pinguinos. This portable dessert is a chocolate cake filled with cream and topped with a spiral design.

Consumers are going crazy for cookies because of their taste and convenience. For years, gourmet donuts and decadent cupcakes grabbed many of the headlines on the food pages of national media. But now it is clear that cookies are climbing the charts — and fast. Late-night cookie delivery specialists like Insomnia Cookies and Crumbl have exploded in recent years, adding locations all over the country.

Cookies are a classic sweet that everyone has grown up with, and so cookies are as comforting as they are delicious. Cookies are freshly made, and they have very good shelf life without using preservatives. Research from Bake Magazine reveals that cookies are offered by close to 89 percent of retail bakeries in America.

Galleta de grajea (sprinkle cookie), polvoron (shortbread cookie), and sandía (watermelon cookie) and just a few of the many delicious cookies you can find at panaderías across the state of Texas and beyond. Using BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado galleta & polvoron mix and BakeSense palm all-purpose shortening, panaderías can create colorful sandías that will delight customers.

Spring Flavors

By keeping track of the latest consumer trends, you can determine what flavors and products to introduce during the change in season. The National Restaurant Association’s annual survey of chefs looks to identify food and beverage trends for the coming year. Approximately 650 chefs, all American Culinary Federation members, predicted what will be prevalent on menus for 2020, as well as the top trending snacks and sweets for the year.

The top five sweets are the following:

  1. CBD snacks/sweets
  2. Boozy treats
  3. Dairy-free ice cream
  4. Drinkable desserts
  5. Herb-based sweets

Wedding Trends

According to leading wedding planning website The Knot, popular wedding dining will include nostalgic, crowd-pleasing items and foods that can be customized. Cakes will always reign supreme, but more couples are opting for handheld desserts. Pies, donuts, and cupcakes are among the items that can satisfy a sweet tooth and feel unexpected.

Not only do these items stand at wedding receptions, but they add something fun too. Guests will love taking pictures of a donut display and then devouring them afterwards. They can be easily customized as well. They can be iced in a couple’s wedding colors or arranged on an interactive wall.

“We love how thoughtful and purposeful today’s couples are in planning their wedding celebrations. Along with their designers and planners, couples continue to think creatively and deliberately as they plan a wedding that thoughtfully reflects their unique love story,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor in chief of The Knot.