As snacking emerges into a more mainstream trend, panaderías are responding with a greater selection of breads for snacking and small meal occasions.

From semita bread to the more traditional bolillo, panaderías in Houston, Texas, are driving higher demand for breads with many flavors and options.

“Have you tried our semita? Tell us what you think,” asks Tepatitlán Bakery in a recent Facebook post. “This super exquisite perfect to go with a delicious atole or champurado!”

The semita is a torta that originates back to Puebla, Mexico. The bread is perfect for sandwiches and other snacking occasions.

Adriana Chávez, who manages the retail location of Tepatitlán Bakery in Pasadena, Texas, a Houston suburb, points out that their customers are craving more sweet breads, quesadillas, and bolillos to enjoy the authentic flavors of Mexico.

“There is good diversity of people here, and many are from all over Mexico,” Chávez points out. “Our customers love to snack on many types of breads.”

The importance of flour

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Flour is as traditional as it gets of an ingredient. The simple action of mixing water into flour, along with another ingredient or two, to create food is something that dates back to the oldest of times.

Flour is classic. It’s familiar. It speaks to the baker’s heart.

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