In what may seem counterintuitive during what some consider to be a return to simpler times, there is significant movement in the cake decorating world that is churning down the tracks with the sheer power of a locomotive. Over-the-top cake toppings are all the rage, and a rising number of panaderias are taking notice with their own versions of extreme cakes.

At Mi Tierra in Springdale, Ohio, store manager Jose Sanchez explains they fill their display fridge with 12 cakes per day, and customers rave about every single one. And the best part is they sell out on a daily basis. Vanilla cakes with peach or strawberry filling are common, as are colorful and eye-catching decorations that entice shoppers to make a purchase.

“Our bakers like to make colorful cakes,” Sanchez points out. “People come here, and they know they are going to find something they really want. We make really nice products and very unique cakes with special designs.”

At Panadería La Mexicana in Fairfield, Ohio, Luis Leon, whose father Adalberto Leon owns the bakery, points out that cake sales keep going up year to year. Cakes are their No.1 growth item in terms of sales growth, and he estimates their cake sales have quadrupled in recent years.

“We are making 50 to 60 cakes on a weekend,” he explains. “People are ordering a lot of smaller cakes – 8- to 10-inches – because they are not having mass gatherings. They still order smaller cakes at weddings, but weddings with an order of 10 cakes for the one wedding.”

Another huge trend, he points out, is that their customers want more elaborate toppings and decadent fillings in their cakes.

“For us, we are making a lot more cakes with fillings, like cream fillings, and a lot with chocolate chips and other toppings,” Leon shares. “Even with cakes, people are asking for more chocolate icings or even Oreo toppings on their cakes. People are enjoying smaller, but more frequent celebrations.”

Trend spotting

BakeMark is dedicated to helping bakeries achieve their desired results with a wide collection of cake decorations, icings and much more.

Decades ago, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles were used on cupcakes to provide some variety when you packed them in a dozen for a Little League team or Board of Directors meeting.  Well, those days still exist, but you can take sprinkles and edible decorations to a whole new level. 

Using BakeMark’s wide ranging Sprinkelina products, you can let your imagination run wild.  Create colorful color bursts. Hand-place delicate Twinkle Pearls to make timeless fashion statements. Similarly, experimenting with icing colors, gel colors and glitter glaze will also create wonderful visual treats. 

Pick a holiday, any holiday, and Sprinkelina has a color wheel for the occasion. For instance, this Fall season, Sprikelina’s Autumn mix is sure to bring that touch of the season. Be sure to decorate your display case with themed product at least two weeks before each upcoming holiday so your customers have a chance to put the image of your product in their minds when it’s time for them to buy. 

The best part of using Sprinkles creatively? Higher sales and profits. For only pennies per item and a minute of your time, you can increase the perceived value or your bakery item dramatically. A 50-cent cake donut becomes a 75-cent (or more) work-of-art when you create a visual and tasty and colorful treat. A $10 cake becomes a $12-13 masterpiece.

In addition to cakes, pies are gaining popularity during the winter months.

Berries make for the perfect fillings for pies, and when it comes to high-quality berry fillings, BakeMark is the name you can trust. Whether you want strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry fillings, BakeMark offers the right blend of sweetness and flavors.

BakeMark fillings have the goodness and true flavor of berries. With BakeMark berry fillings, you will not mistake the flavors and create mouthwatering products every time.

Holiday Sales Tip

What’s true of volume can also be true of time: a narrow window in which a product is being sold, for instance, can get consumers’ attention and be a big sales driver.

That’s the appeal of limited time offers (LTOs), which capitalize on consumers’ desire for novel products and bring a “Buy Now!” urgency that can do wonders for bottom lines  - whether it’s the holidays, the season for a certain cake, or just any occasion when retailers want to spice things up.

According to, couples often search for date nights that don't include the typical dinner and movie. Make your bakery an obvious choice in their searches.

Create a couple's baking session that provides participants with a new date experience that allows them to work together to create a sweet treat. Invite couples to come into your bakery for holidays such as Valentine's Day or offer special anniversary sessions for one couple.

Before the sessions, come up with a simple, but tasty, dessert recipe you can teach couples to create at home. Pair the dessert with an appropriate wine, for an extra touch.