Nearly 33 million people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year. 57 percent of Americans celebrated the holiday in 2020. There are plenty of potential customers your bakery can appeal to by running promotions and offering special products leading up to and on that day.

The National Restaurant Association provides some tips for bringing in traffic and increasing sales on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few:

  • Holiday specials – Offer unique Irish foods such as shepherd’s pie or Irish soda bread for a limited time.
  • Go green – Many of your customers will be wearing green on that day. Make your bakery festive with green decorations and green-colored products.
  • Discounts – Because the holiday takes place on the 17th, you can offer a 17 percent discount on certain items.
  • Games and contests – Your bakery can host a treasure hunt or online trivia competition to add some fun to the day. Winners can receive a gift card, merchandise, or free treats.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages – Add mint, lime, or matcha flavoring to beverages like milkshakes and hot chocolate for a fun and tasty treat.

In 2020, consumers spent approximately $6.1 billion on St Patrick’s Day, and your bakery can get in on that with the right promotions.