The ever-expanding INSPIRATION range of couvertures from Valrhona is getting a new flavor. RASPBERRY INSPIRATION, which is already available in Europe, will open the door to new possibilities using raspberries in pastry.

Along with the naturally vibrant color RASPBERRY has notes of raspberry jelly which give way to the tart flourish that characterizes this fruit. Valrhona sources raspberries on a small scale from mountainous regions in Europe and Asia to achieve the delicate balance of sweet and tangy flavors. Like the rest of the innovative INSPIRATION range, RASPBERRY INSPIRATION is made with only a few natural ingredients – raspberry powder, cocoa butter, sugar, and a pinch of lecithin.

The new flavor joins of YUZU, STRAWBERRY, PASSION FRUIT, and ALMOND in the INSPIRATION range. This first-ever line of fruit and nut couvertures offers the intense taste of fruit and nuts for year-round use, with no dairy, gluten, artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives. The water content in fruits and nuts used to prevent chefs from achieving satisfying, intense flavors in mousses, ganaches, crèmeux, molded bonbons, and more. Because INSPIRATION couvertures contain no water, chefs can unleash their creativity with countless preparations, including molding, coating, and more vibrant ganaches.

The INSPIRATION range is available for professional chefs in 3kg bags. 500g Baking Bags can also be purchased by retail customers at Valrhona’s website.