French premium chocolate manufacturer Valrhona Chocolate has announced the expansion of its INSPIRATION couverture range in North America with a new flavor. The YUZU flavor features highly-concentrated, vibrant natural flavor and color, which it gets from yuzu juice.

INSPIRATION YUZU couverture is natural and preservative-free in addition to being naturally dairy- and gluten-free. Yuzu is a unique fruit with a naturally sweet, tangy flavor and a hint of bitterness that blends perfectly with ingredients such as dark chocolate, coconut, and aromatic herbs to enhance their flavors.

Valrhona sources its yuzu from tiny smallholdings found halfway up mountains in Southeast Japan’s rural Kochi region. The yuzu grows in very small quantities but has incomparable flavor due to a citrus-friendly terroir and climate.

INSPIRATION YUZU will be available through Valrhona’s website starting Tuesday, September 3.

Valrhona’s INSPIRATION range, the first ever range of fruit and nut couvertures, has been acclaimed in North America. Chefs and consumers quickly adopted the STRAWBERRY, PASSION FRUIT, and ALMOND versions of the product.

Among those in the industry that have used Valrhona INSPIRATION are Per Se, Jean Georges, Dominique Ansel, And Sons Chocolatiers, Ginger Elizabeth, Artelice Patisserie, Dinara Kasko, Pierre Herme, Burdick Chocolates, Gramercy Tavern, Loews Miami Beach, Patrice Demers, and Craftsman and Wolves.