National cupcake chain Gigi’s Cupcakes is teaming up with a Food Network star for an exciting multi-year partnership. Jason Smith, winner of the thirteenth season of the Food Network television series Food Network Star, as well as the third season of Holiday Baking Championship, will serve as the company’s Chief Confectionary Officer and Culinary Advisor.

Smith will be actively involved in the R&D process at Gigi’s over the course of the next five years. He has already developed three decadent cupcake flavors for the holiday season: Winter Berry, Tiramisu, and his signature cupcakes, the Triple B (Bourbon, Bacon, and Buttercake).

  • Winter Berry – Raspberry cake with white chocolate chips folded in and topped off with swirl of raspberry buttercream
  • Tiramisu – Espresso cake filled with a mocha filling and topped with a java inspired cream cheese buttercream and a tri-colored chocolate straw
  • Triple B – Buttery, tender cake with bourbon caramel filling, bourbon frosting, and bacon bits

These flavors were made available in all 70 Gigi’s Cupcakes locations nationwide for the winter months and will be followed up in the spring by three new flavors.

  • Lemon-Berry Bliss – White chocolate cake with blueberry pie filling, topped with sweet and creamy lemon buttercream, yellow sprinkles, purple and crystal sugar, and a sugared lemon slice
  • Coconut Cream Pie – Coconut cake filled with creamy coconut cream filling, topped with a coconut cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with toasted coconut and buttery graham cracker crumbs
  • Banana Cream Pie – Banana cake with a Southern banana cream filling, swirled with banana buttercream frosting, and dressed up with both crushed and whole vanilla wafers

Additionally, Smith has designed “Cuppies,” specialty cupcakes just for dogs that are packed with nutrients and topped with doggy bone treats.

Smith, who is full of personality and enthusiasm, is thrilled to be the face of the Gigi’s Cupcakes brand “Gigi’s has always been my go-to for cupcakes and desserts. It’s a dream of mine to work with a company that not only has great products, but also has a passion for doing good in communities,” he says.

Speaking with Bake Magazine, Jason Smith discussed how he came to work with Gigi’s Cupcakes and what it will mean for the company going forward.

Bake Magazine: How did this collaboration come about?

Lord honey, where do I start!? Well children, I’ll give ya the short of the story. Everyone that knows me, knows I believe in changing the world one sweet treat at a time, and when I was approached by Mike the owner of Gigi’s about joining Gigi’s Cupcakes as the Chief Confectionary Officer of the company, I was over the moon like a cow to corn.

Gigi’s has the same beliefs that I do, and I had always dreamed of working with them. I have always been a super fan of Gigi’s and their great quality treats and to be part of such an amazing family was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. This collaboration was a divine Intervention and to have two huge pastry-heavy hitters in one spot, well honey, that’s a no brainer!

How will the collaboration change Gigi’s Cupcakes menu and the business as a whole?

Well, the menu at Gigi’s will change in a direction that people will go crazy over. Now we won’t be changing the tried and true flavors that everyone has come to know and love, but we will be adding new and excitin’ flavors that will be the rooster’s crow. We will also be adding new pastries to the Gigi’s menu. We will be doing everything from cupcakes, pies, and stuffed cookies to a lot of “Country Bling” signature items. If it’s a pastry then we want to put that awesome “Lord Honey” twist on it and make peoples’ lives sweeter with just one treat at a time.

By always keepin’ things fresh, new, and bright it will push Gigi’s into the future and allow it to keep growing bigger and bigger. When it comes right down to it, honey, it’s all about makin’ someone’s life better, even if just for a moment while eatin’ mine and Gigi’s pastries.

What will your role be as a face of the Gigi’s Cupcakes brand?

As I said, I am not only a celebrity partner with Gigi’s, I am actually a contributing member of the company. Lord honey, I have been completely dough deep in cooking things up for Gigi’s! I want to spice things up with our brand, includin’ creating new items for the brand like pies, love bars, full-size cakes, and a whole lot more. Y’all are going to be seeing me a ton in Gigi’s working with the team on new and specialty items, and perfectin’ our fan favorites. The future is brighter than a sheet pan on a summer beach for all of us at Gigi’s and we couldn’t be more excited!