Gigi's Cupcakes founder Gigi Butler
America’s largest cupcake franchise is celebrating 10 years in business this February. Gigi’s Cupcakes, started by Gigi Butler in Nashville in 2008, has grown from humble beginnings to having nearly 100 locations throughout the U.S.

“I am humbled by the support from our customers across the country and blown away by the rapid expansion of this brand. The future looks very exciting for Gigi's Cupcakes!” says Gigi Butler.

Thanks to its signature gourmet cupcakes and stellar leadership, the bakery franchise has rapidly expanded to 24 states, including its most recent and western-most location in Utah. Gigi’s Cupcakes will continue that growth in 2018, with plans for 15-20 locations in Southeast and Midwest markets.

“We have a roster of rotating cupcake flavors, including gluten-friendly options, alongside our cheesecakes, cookies and cakes, giving anyone with a sweet tooth something that they can love. Americans consume 770 million cupcakes a year, and for Gigi's customers, every day is a reason to celebrate with cupcakes,” says Judy Renfrow, Gigi’s Cupcakes CEO.

Also happening this year is the release of an autobiography from Gigi Butler in the spring. The book will highlight life lessons Butler has picked up along the way, pairing these life recipes with some of her food recipes.