As part of his multi-year collaboration with Gigi’s Cupcakes, celebrity chef Jason Smith has designed a line of specialty cupcakes made just for man’s best friends. These “Cuppies” are specialty cupcakes just for dogs that are packed with nutrients and topped with doggy bone treats.

Puppy Pleasures is a combination of creamy banana, crunchy carrots, and sweet applesauce. The nutrients in this cupcake are balanced with the decadence of cream cheese and peanut butter frosting. It’s then topped with a peanut butter bone cookie.

Doggy Daze is a sweet and savory “Cuppie” featuring sweet applesauce and crunchy grated apple for a naturally sweet taste, which is balanced by tangy cheddar cheese. The cupcake is topped with whipped apple frosting and decorated with a crunchy cheddar doggy bone treat.

Smith will be actively involved in the R&D process at Gigi’s over the course of the next five years, as he creates unique cupcakes for each season.