For the first time ever, Duck Donuts will offer a vegan cake-based donut option. Debuting in conjunction with World Vegan Day on Friday, November 1, the item will permanently join the menu at the company’s Orange County, California locations in Huntington Beach and Irvine.

“As the U.S. vegan consumer industry continues to rise, so does the demand for an accessible and tasty vegan product,” says Russ DiGilio, founder and CEO of Duck Donuts. “After much research, trial and error, and in-store testing, we are ready to launch our first alternative donut base option, allowing us to reach a new audience of customers who can now enjoy our warm, delicious donuts, in the same unique, made-to-order atmosphere.”

The vegan cake-based donut has the aroma of mild spice notes and a lightly spiced cake taste. The donut can be customized with a variety of vegan-friendly coatings, toppings, and drizzles.

“Since we opened in 2018, we have received many requests from customers for a vegan donut, which speaks to the consumer demand and lifestyle preference of those in Orange County,” says Gary Kopel, Orange County franchisee. “We are very excited to be the first Duck Donuts market to expand our product offering with the introduction of our new vegan donut.”

If the vegan donut performs well at the Orange County locations, Duck Donuts will look to expand it to additional markets where there is an increased demand in 2020.