Over the summer, Brigham Young University was ranked the nation’s top “Stone Cold Sober” school by The Princeton Review, the 22nd such time the Provo, Utah school has earned that distinction. The school’s honor code bans the consumption of alcohol, and it’s a legacy that the school embraces.

To celebrate its reputation for sobriety, BYU has opened a bar that honors a beloved beverage and the treat that pairs best with it. According to The Daily Herald, Milk & Cookies is a bar serving its namesakes. The idea for the bar came about last year, when the university was declared the top “Stone Cold Sober” school in the nation for the 21st time.

Milk is a big deal at BYU. Each October, the university’s library holds its “Milktoberfest” event in which chocolate milk is handed out. In 2016, 308,786 bottles of chocolate milk were purchased from the BYU Creamery, a grocery store on campus. According to Dean Wright, the director of dining services at BYU, milk is second only to water as the most popular beverage in vending machines on campus.

Milk & Cookies offers six different cookie flavors with one specialty monthly special (this month is pumpkin chocolate chip). They’re joined by several different milk flavors in addition to chocolate milk. The seasonal menu includes french vanilla float, raspberry creme, root beer float, and pumpkin caramel spice-flavored milk.

It’s been a popular destination on campus ever since its soft opening last week. Additional seating had to be added to accommodate the rush of customers.

Wright believes this new bar will capitalize on the love for milk and cookies in a big way. “I think this is really going to set us apart as just kind of being out there,” he says.