Starting Monday, November 15, for five weeks, Milk Bar will be releasing limited-edition treats available in limited quantities online through a program called The Holiday Lab. All products will be made in Milk Bar’s Lab, the R&D innovation kitchen at both its New York City and Los Angeles Flagship locations.

To kick off the launch, Milk Bar is bringing back its popular Thanksgiving Croissants, dropping at 2 pm EST on November 15. The croissants first launched in 2011 and have been one of Milk Bar’s most requested menu items to this day. The croissants haven’t been made in the past few years but are being brough back to kick off the Holiday Lab program.

The herbed, buttery puff pastry is filled with tart cranberry sauce, tender roasted turkey and saucy gravy. Milk Bar’s culinary team folds each one of these by hand. They cost $80 for a pack of 8 online and $9 each at Milk Bar’s NYC and LA flagships.

Every Monday until December 13, a new treat drops on Milk Bar’s special Holiday Lab microsite at 2 pm EST. All products are available for shipping anywhere in the US and limited quantities will also be for sale at the NYC and LA flagship stores.

All drops will be announced the morning of their release. They will include never-before-seen desserts perfect for holiday gifting, entertaining or simply something new to enjoy. It also includes a celebrity collaboration, with more information on that coming soon.