National Sandwich Day is set to take place on Sunday, November 3. In celebration of that special day, Grubhub looked at sandwich data to determine the top sandwich trends in 2019.

The leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace examined thousands of orders to determine what is trending in the sandwich world. A breakfast favorite has taken the top spot, followed by a spicy regional specialty.

Based on what has spiked in popularity the most between 2018 and 2019, America’s favorite sandwiches are:

  1. Bacon, egg, and cheese: 193% more popular
  2. Nashville hot fried chicken: 143% more popular
  3. Chicken and waffle sandwich: 128% more popular
  4. Pastrami sandwich: 103% more popular
  5. Tomato and mozzarella: 84% more popular

Regionally, the Midwest enjoys robust sandwiches such as the patty melt, Italian sausage, and corned beef. In the Northeast, breakfast sandwiches are favored. Southerners prefer pork-based sandwiches. Out West, sandwiches featuring vegetables are preferred.


  1. Patty melt: 531% more popular
  2. Italian sausage: 447% more popular
  3. Corned beef: 398% more popular
  4. Hot chicken: 266% more popular
  5. Cheesesteak: 257% more popular


  1. Egg and bacon sandwich: 988% more popular
  2. Meatball parmesan sandwich: 604% more popular
  3. Eggplant sandwich: 476% more popular
  4. Salami sandwich: 378% more popular
  5. Cuban sandwich: 350 more popular


  1. Barbecue pork sandwich: 560% more popular
  2. Honey ham sandwich: 506% more popular
  3. Shrimp Po boy sandwich: 288% more popular
  4. Beef brisket sandwich: 193% more popular
  5. Bacon cheesesteak: 118% more popular


  1. Pastrami Reuben sandwich: 478% more popular
  2. Club sandwich: 451% more popular
  3. California chicken sandwich: 378% more popular
  4. Cookie sandwich: 245% more popular
  5. Croissant veggie sandwich: 185% more popular

According to the data, the top five sandwich states are Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Colorado.