Dessert is getting a bit chiller in 2019, according to a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace. Grubhub looked at the data from more than half a million orders placed on an average day through its platform throughout the first half of the year and has provided an update on popular food trends.

According to Grubhub, dishes involving ice cream are hot (or cold) so far this year. The top trending dessert in 2019 is brownie sundaes, which are 273 percent more popular than in 2018. Following that is cake batter frozen yogurt, which is 232 percent more popular, and donut ice cream sandwiches, which are 217 percent more popular.

In breakfast foods, it’s all about sweet and savory combinations. Chicken and waffles is the top trending breakfast dish, up 219 percent from last year. Sausage egg and cheese sandwiches are also quite popular (up 179 percent), as are pancakes and bacon (up 145 percent).

Grubhub not only reports on the past trending orders, but also forecasts what will trending in the coming months. The company’s report shows that the top food items for the summer are barbecue pork buns, truffle parmesan fries, and quinoa and arugula salad. For the fall, the top food items are forecasted to be pesto pasta, fried okra, and lemongrass soup.

Finally, Grubhub states that vegan-friendly options continue to be on the rise across America. Orders of plant-based foods on the Grubhub platform increased by 25 percent so far in 2019 (as compared to Jan-May 2018).