Donut Sticks have been a huge success for McDonald’s, as the limited-time item contributed to the company’s considerable sales growth in the first several months of 2019.

McDonald’s is giving customers a reason to be excited heading into the holiday season, as it has announced that Donut Sticks will return to the menu beginning Wednesday, November 6. The product is being given a twist, as it will be paired with a new chocolate sauce for dipping.

The strips of deep-fried dough are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served warm by the dozen or half-dozen during breakfast hours. McDonald’s added the chocolate sauce due to customer demand for a complement to the sweet treats.

“We’re giving customers more of the goodness they crave and pairing the return of Donut Sticks with a new decadent Chocolate Sauce. We always let our customers be the guide, and a dipping sauce was highly requested when they asked for an accompaniment to go with the popular cinnamon treat,” says McDonald’s Chef Mike Lingo. “Our rich and delicious Chocolate Sauce is the perfect pairing for our Donut Sticks to sweeten up the holiday season.”

Another cinnamon-fueled item for McDonald’s is the new Cinnamon Cookie Latte. The seasonal beverage is made with the taste of cinnamon, milk, and freshly brewed 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso. It’s topped off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and is available all day long in hot or iced lattes throughout the holiday season.

“We were inspired by our customers’ excitement for the holidays when crafting our Cinnamon Cookie Latte, a new and limited-time flavor that evokes the warm, cheerful feelings of the season,” says Lingo. “Our latest beverage innovation combines the captivating aroma and flavor of cinnamon that evokes the holiday feeling in us all. We’re excited for our customers to get a taste.”