On Monday, August 12, Kwik Lok announced that it will showcase the “bakery closing line of the future” at the upcoming International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) on September 8-11 in Las Vegas.

Among the key components of the new closing line include the world’s first sustainable closure, Eco-Lok, the next generation in bag closing machines, the 910A, along with a new tamper-evident solution that uses laser stitch technology to keep bakery items safe.

“We are very excited to bring new and innovative solutions to our bakery customers,” says Kwik Lok CEO Don Carrell. “The new products that customers will see at IBIE represent Kwik Lok’s legacy in innovation. Our customers require the best, most forward-thinking solutions available so we have partnered across the industry to bring products to the show that meet the sustainability, safety and efficiency needs of today’s baker and bakery customer.”

Eco-Lok, a bag closure made with sustainable materials, is the first big step in the company’s drive to reduce its environmental impact. It can be used on bakery items and is formulated with a plant-based biopolymer called NuPlastiQ® that requires up to 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce than standard plastic bag closures.

The new 910A Automatic Bag Closing Machine takes Kwik Lok technology to a new level. It provides a host of improved safety and operational features that make it easier to operate while taking up less line space. The 910A can close up to 120 bags per minute, has a lighter, more compact design, features easy-to-clean aluminum and stainless-steel construction, and offers increased accessibility for maintenance.

Kwik Lok teamed up with Matthews Marking Systems to develop a new Laser Stitch Technology. The 909A provides a uniform “laser stitch” that indicates whether a bag has been opened.