Godiva Chocolatier, a global leader in premium, artisanal chocolate, has found success internationally with a café concept that has taken over Japan, China, Belgium, and the Middle East.

The latest in those line of cafés will also be the first in the United States. Earlier today, Godiva debuted its first American café in New York City. Visitors can enjoy delicious sweet and savory treats, many of which are based on the company’s iconic chocolate.

This first café is part of Godiva’s effort to have more than 10 additional cafés open in the state of New York by the end of 2019, with a larger plan to expand the model to over 400 locations in the Americas and 2,000 locations worldwide.

“This is a very pivotal time for Godiva as we transition to align with the ever-changing consumer behavior. We have an aggressive growth plan for the next six years which includes expanding our footprint of 2,000 cafés worldwide with a focus on growth in the Americas,” says Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO, Godiva Chocolatier. “We are very excited, as the opening of the Godiva café in New York City is a major milestone for us. We look forward to becoming a part of our consumer's daily life – whether it be breakfast, a midday snack, or a sweet afternoon treat and creating a destination that they want to visit in order to treat themselves beyond the usual holiday or special occasion.”

Learn more about the unique food and beverages that will be offered at the New York City café in our latest slideshow.