CREAM (which stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me”) is a dessert shop that opened its first location in Berkeley, California in 2010. Since then, the franchise has grown to more than two dozen locations throughout California, Colorado, and Florida.

This growth can be attributed to the strength of its dessert menu. It all started with cookie ice cream sandwiches, but eventually included ice cream sandwiches using brownies, do’sants, and fresh off the griddle waffles.

A limited-time dessert from CREAM will incorporate many of these items into one, with the return of the popular Sundae of Champions. Now available at select locations in all three states through the end of April, this over-the-top treat will more than satisfy each customer’s sweet tooth.

The Sundae of Champions features a crumbled cookie, a scoop of ice cream, a crumbled brownie, another scoop of ice cream, topped with a with a do’sant (donut + croissant) ice cream sandwich, a cookie, whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles.