Images courtesy of B Sweet Dessert Bar
Los Angeles’ B Sweet dessert bar has created a summer treat that combines two delicious foods into one Instagram-worthy delight.

The new “Halos” ($5 each) are glazed donuts filled with ice cream. While certainly not the first to put ice cream in a donut, this unique treat from B Sweet takes it to another level. The ice cream that is heat-sealed inside each donut comes in a variety of colorful flavors, with pastels and neons being especially eye-catching.

One of the most popular and unique flavors is the bright purple Ube, which comes from the traditional Filipino flavor made of yams.

B Sweet creates a new menu every week, and its delicious ice cream can be added to other pastries like the whoopie pies. The dessert bar is known for its decadent desserts, especially its bread pudding which comes in dozens of unique flavors.