February 14 is a day of romance for many, but not for those who are single. To show solidarity with those who are those having an Anti-Valentine’s Day (known as Singles Awareness Day to some), a Houston bakery creates special treats for this week.

Three Brothers Bakery is now offering Anti-Valentine’s Day baked goods. The annual tradition started because the owners wanted to be more inclusive on this day of special significance. Co-owner Janice Jucker says, “Before Bobby [her husband] was my lifelong Valentine, I once sent myself flowers to work from a secret admirer, so I wouldn’t feel left out.”

“You shouldn’t have to send yourself flowers anonymously on Valentine’s Day. Just drown your sorrows with a sweet treat that expresses how you really feel,” adds co-owner Bobby Jucker.

The line of goodies includes cookies and petit fours featuring the words “love stinks” and a poop emoji, as well as broken hearts and other messages. The bakery also offers regular Valentine’s Day treats with more traditional love messages, and heart king cakes for those celebrating the lead-up to Mardi Gras.

Two days after Valentine’s Day, Three Brothers Bakery is celebrating the 7th anniversary of its location in the Memorial area of Houston. On Saturday, February 16, the bakery will celebrate with a cake cutting and more.