Most people are familiar with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. A lesser known, but no less tasty, heart-shaped box of treats comes courtesy of Cinnabon.

The cinnamon roll bakery chain has added new items to its menu this February: heart-shaped boxes packed full of its MiniBons or BonBites cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon Heart Packs feature either nine MiniBons or 16 BonBites, as well as a Valentine’s Day message.

At a cost of $45.99 for the MiniBon box and $42.99 for the BonBites box, these items make a unique and joyful gift for loved ones this Valentine’s Day. They are available at Cinnabon locations nationwide, as well as online for shipping across the country through its online gifting eCommerce platform launched in November of last year.

Additionally, Cinnabon is partnering with Paramount Home Media to treat 100 people to a Valentine’s Day celebration pack. The pack will feature a Cinnabon gift box complete with the MiniBons Heart Pack and digital codes for two Paramount romantic comedies: “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Failure to Launch.”

Fans can enter the giveaway at Cinnabon’s website, and the winners will be selected on Monday, February 11. The boxes will be shipped to the 100 winners in time for Valentine’s Day.

“We want to spread the love - and the frosting! - and there's no better way than with our baked with love heart-shaped CinnaPacks,” says Megan Greene, director of marketing at Cinnabon. “Whether celebrating with a special someone or group of friends, we're thrilled to offer our fans the opportunity to treat themselves to a cozy night in with our ooey-gooey 'bons and some light-hearted love stories.”