Most people are familiar with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. A lesser known, but no less tasty, heart-shaped box of treats comes courtesy of Cinnabon.

Last year, the cinnamon roll bakery chain added items to its menu in February: heart-shaped boxes packed full of its MiniBons or BonBites cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon Heart Packs feature either nine MiniBons or 16 BonBites, as well as a Valentine’s Day message.

The seasonal offering will be available again this year at mall bakeries and Pilot Flying J locations nationwide. Mall bakeries will offer a heart pack that includes nine MiniBon cinnamon rolls, starting at $14.99; Pilot Flying J locations will feature a 16-count BonBites pack, starting at $9.99. Customers can also send a fresh-baked pack directly to a loved one’s door with overnight shipping.

MiniBon cinnamon rolls are smaller versions of Cinnabon’s signature Cinnabon Classic Roll, while BonBites are even smaller, bite-sized versions.