Middlesex, Vermont’s Red Hen Baking Co., along with the local community, will work together to create a s’more that would hypothetically be a world record.

The world’s largest s’more, which will be made during the community’s Winter S’morestice at Camp Meade on Saturday, will be a 4-by-8-foot concoction. The enormous crackers and marshmallows will be made by Red Hen Baking, while local chocolatier Nutty Steph’s will contribute the chocolate.

Organizers say that they were too late to officially qualify for the Guinness World Record, but they may try again next year. People of all ages are encouraged to help assemble the oversized s’more, which will then be cut up and distributed to all attendees.

The Winter S’Morestice celebration will also feature a massive bonfire, fire breathers and dancers, a bouncy house, music, a bar with beer and wine and hot chocolate, and a food truck with warm delights such as focaccia and soups from Red Hen Baking.

The bonfire will have a special meaning. According to the event’s organizers, attendees are encouraged to bring a note, message, or memento that has some meaning to them. They could be about the past or the future. These “burnaments” will be attached to the structure that will eventually become the bonfire once it is lit.