Two popular Nashville sweets companies are collaborating on sugary items just in time for Halloween. Christie Cookie Co. and Goo Goo Cluster have teamed up for treats that are being sold in their stores.

Each company’s culinary staff has developed a new confection that is a mashup of both the former’s famous cookies and latter’s nutty, nougaty clusters.

The Christie Cookie Goo Goo Cluster is a milk chocolate confection filled with fresh chocolate chip Christie Cookie pieces, brown sugar marshmallow cream, and maple-bourbon caramel. It is sold exclusively at the Goo Goo Shop in Nashville and online.

The Goo Goo Cluster Christie Cookie is a classic Christie Cookie dough, made with real butter and brown sugar, that is stuffed with pieces of chopped Original Goo Goo Clusters. It is sold exclusively at the Christie Cookie shop in Nashville.

Both products will be available through October 31, and cost $7.99 and $3, respectively.

“They’re so good, they are flying off the shelves. We’re having people call like for dozens of them before they’ve even tasted them, and then once they taste them, they want a dozen more,” says Chrissy Cano, store manager of Christie Cookies’s 12 South location.