Image courtesy of Tiff's Treats
Two Texas-based companies are teaming up to celebrate new flight offerings. Warm cooking delivery company Tiff’s Treats has created a special gift for passengers on Southwest Airlines’ inaugural flights between Nashville and Atlanta.

On Tuesday, August 7, the first flights between the two cities were launched. Passengers on six of the ten flights that day were gifted with a box of one dozen warm cookies, in addition to a Tiff’s Treats $25 gift card and Tiff’s Treats branded products.

“Both Tiff’s Treats and Southwest love to surprise and delight our customers, whether with our cookies, or through Southwest’s friendly and reliable air service” says Tiff’s Treat co-founder Tiffany Chen. “We both are in the business of offering hospitality through special moments and are excited to celebrate Southwest’s new nonstop flights between two of our favorite cities.”

Tiff’s Treats, which has six locations in Atlanta and two in Nashville, gave away 19,200 treats to Southwest passengers, employees, and other travelers on Tuesday. Tiff’s Treats co-founders Tiffany and Leon Chen flew on one of each of the first flights between the cities to surprise a customer on each flight with an additional $500 gift card and box of warm cookies.

Tiff’s Treats is looking to set a record with its big day. The brand has applied for the Guinness World Record for the Highest Warm Cookie Delivery.