ePac Flexible Packaging, a market leader in quick-turn, short to medium run length production of flexible packaging, has announced that it will be opening a plant in Boston to serve the New England market. Expected to be operational in early 2019, a local sales office will be opened immediately while orders are fulfilled by another ePac location.

ePac is the only North American flexible packaging company based completely on the latest wide-web digital printing technology, the HP Indigo 20000, which significantly lowers costs for short to medium length runs. ePac reduces manufacturing lead time from months to weeks, enables custom printing, and is able to use print on demand to eliminate inventory and obsolescence expense.

ePac first opened for business in May 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin, and has since added plants in Boulder, Colorado, Chicago and Miami. Additional locations in Austin and Los Angeles are underway. This extended footprint of all digital full-service flexible packaging plants across the United States provides brands of all sizes the ability to introduce new products faster, run more promotions, make changes on the fly, and order to demand.

ePac Boston will be formed as a partnership between ePac Holdings and Woodhaven Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private investment firm focused on long-term investments and committed to operational excellence in its portfolio.

Tim Novak, Managing Partner of Woodhaven Capital Partners and Managing Partner of ePac Boston, gives context to the partnership: “At Woodhaven, we spent a lot of time analyzing ePac’s business model, performance, and market opportunity, and believe this to be an outstanding opportunity for our investor group, and one that I am personally committed to.”