Cascade Pacific Essential Oils, a family-owned and -operated producer of premium quality peppermint oil in Oregon and Washington, has recently unveiled a new line of premium quality peppermint oil.

Cascade Pacific Essential Oils grows its peppermint in the fertile valleys near the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, with pure water fed by mountain glaciers, and fresh, moist air from the Pacific Ocean. The rich volcanic soil and perfect climate conditions along the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains provide the optimum mix of essential nutrients and the best environment for growing some of the highest quality peppermint in the world.

As a result, Cascade Pacific's peppermint oil is pure and natural, and has a smooth flavor that is crisp and cool.

Additionally, Cascade Pacific's peppermint oil is stored in state-of-the-art climate controlled warehouses that allows it to have a year-round stable supply of oil at affordable and consistent prices.

Through its modern custom blending and quality control process, each container (55 gallon drum or 5 gallon pail) of Cascade Pacific's premium peppermint oil is rigorously inspected and checked on a regular basis.

By growing and processing all of its own peppermint, Cascade Pacific Essential Oils is able to provide a consistent supply of the finest quality peppermint oil to its customers at an affordable and competitive price.

For more information about Cascade Pacific Essential Oils and its new line of premium peppermint oil, please contact Kim Karg at or 1-541-362-1209.