Based in Costa Rica and founded in 1985, Cafe Britt once again sets out to capture the palate of those who demand the ultimate cup of coffee with three truly special blends that celebrate their most recent expansion into Mexican territory.

These delectable creations are grown in Mexico at high altitudes; they are 100% "cafe de altura." The Mexico Dark Roast blend stands out with its caramel aroma and bold taste, with hints of almond and honey. In contrast, Coatlicue Organic Shade Grown, named after this Aztec goddess, offers a more subtle, citrus taste, characteristic of Mexican coffee grown at high altitude. Finally, the smooth and aromatic Veracruz blend shines with a nut chocolate sent as a result of the fertile grounds of this colorful Mexican state.

The launch of these exquisite blends from Cafe Britt is the result of a well-executed plan of sustained growth that spans over 20 years, all along delivering the unmatched gourmet coffee experience that sets them apart.

"We launched operations in Mexico June 19, by opening eight stores in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). We've also opened a coffee-roasting plant and chocolate factory in Cancun, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. This is an important step in our history. We've chosen select coffee beans from some of the best growing regions of Veracruz and Chiapas. We have discovered the gourmet coffees of Mexico to offer their best, natural taste, above and beyond the regular instant mixes of commercial use. These join our already classic line of fine Peruvian and Costa Rican coffees," Commented Pablo E. Vargas, CEO of Cafe Britt.

Enjoy the flavors of Mexico, and follow your senses from the plantation to your cup.