Bolillo Mix 1 / 50 LB

Fresh Yeast 25 / 1 LB

Scale & Mix the Dough

Make up the dough as following the directions on each bag of Trigal Dorado Bolillo Mix.

Rest & Portion

After the dough has rested properly, scale it into 2-1/2 to 3 oz. pieces; then round them gently, and let them rest for approximately five additional minutes.

Form Shapes

Flatten and de-gas the dough balls; then roll them up firmly, forming a torpedo-like shape. Place them on a baking screen or sheet pan with the seams down.

Score & Finish

Let them rise to ¾ size in a moderate proofing cabinet (90°F at 80% humidity). Score them lengthwise with a sharp blade; then bake them at 400°F until light golden in color. If steam is available, use 5-6 seconds of steam.


Recipe courtesy of BakeMark