1.  Mix icing colors using Lucks Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, Sunset Orange, and Neon Bright Green Premium Gel colors.

2.  Ice each tier and apply the Día De Los Muertos Variety Pack Designer Prints® decorations to the sides of the cakes.

3.  Assemble the cake.  For each tier, pipe a pearl border around the base using color-coordinating icing and a #10 round tip.

4.  Mix pink icing using Lucks Rose Pink Liqua-Gel, to use with the other pre-mixed icings to make flowers.

5. To make the pom-pom flowers, start by first piping colored dollops directly on the cake.  Use corresponding icing colors and a #10 tip to pipe chrysanthemum-style tufts around the dollops to finish the flowers.

6.  Use a large blob of icing or the top of a cupcake that has been iced on the top of the cake for the center of the topper. 

7.  Create pom-pom flowers on and around the topper’s base until the base is covered completely.


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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks