1. Ice and assemble the cake with buttercream icing. Shape the icing using a spatula to make the top part of the cake wider than the bottom.

2. Airbrush Solid White DecoSheets® fondant with Red Premium Airbrush Color and let dry.

3. Cut large panels of the fondant to cover the sides of the cake and smaller strips to use on the top and bottom of the sand bucket.

4. Apply fondant panels to the sides of the cake while the frosting is still moist.

5. Using another fondant piece, color a small amount with Lemon Yellow Premium Gel Color. Cut a strip of the fondant and push it through an extruder with the flat insert.

6. Color some buttercream icing with Lemon Yellow Premium Gel Color to match the fondant. Use a #4 tip to pipe 2 circles on each side of the cake. Attach the end of the fondant buckle handle inside each circle of icing. If fondant does not stick, apply a small amount of icing.

7. Cover the top of the cake with gold sanding sugar.

8. Finish by placing Dec-Ons® Decorations in the sanding sugar. (Tip: the white shells are a great canvas to airbrush colors to make shells match a color theme!

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Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee