1. Buy commercially-prepared chocolate and vanilla cake donuts, or make your own.

2. Prepare transfer decorations according to the instructions found here.

3. Glaze, fill and garnish with your choice of specialty flavors:

  • Orange: Vanilla cake, white icing glaze, orange-tinted drizzle, orange zest cream filling and/or topping, white chocolate shards airbrushed orange.
  • Bacon!: Chocolate cake, maple icing glaze, chocolate fudge drizzle, caramel cream topping, chocolate-dipped bacon wedges.
  • Mocha: Chocolate cake, mocha icing glaze, chocolate fudge drizzle, mocha cream topping, dark chocolate shards.
  • Raspberry: Vanilla cake, raspberry icing glaze, raspberry filling,  vanilla or cream cheese cream topping.
  • Cherry: Chocolate cake, vanilla icing glaze, chocolate fudge drizzle, cherry filling, cherry swirl cream topping.
  • Banana: Vanilla cake, maple icing glaze, banana custard filling, cream cheese cream topping, walnuts.

4. Nestle chocolate décor into dollops of cream topping.

To purchase everything you need to decorate these donuts, click here.