1. Mix a small batch of deep avocado green icing using DecoPac Premium Gel in Forest Green and Golden Yellow mixed into a white icing base.

2. Mix a small portion of this icing into a larger portion of white icing to lighten, and then ice the cake using the lighter icing.

3. Pipe a bottom border using the darker icing in a #45 flat tip.

4. Use a few drops of Forest Green color in your remaining icing to create a deep green.

5. Use this deep green icing a #5 round tip to pipe top décor, as shown. TIP: If you are using a crusting buttercream, or if you first refrigerate the iced cake, you may find it helpful to cut the letters out of parchment and lightly lay them on the cake to trace around.

6. Attach Mustache Dec-Ons® decorations with dabs of icing.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks