Brill 2 oz. Chocolate Cupcakes 

Brill 1.25 Yellow Cupcakes

Brill Yellow Mini Cupcakes  

Brill Brilliant Blue                     

Brill Decorating Black           

Brill Chocolate Light N Fluffy   

Brill Yellow Decorating Icing     

Brill Pink Decorating Icing       

Plastic Diploma Pick

Standard Size White Novelty Graduation Hat



Stack cupcakes with Buttercreme icing in-between each cupcake according to the picture , then secure with a skewer

Ice the head with a flesh colored*  icing and smooth.

Using tip# 3 , pipe  the nose with the same color  ,

Using tip #1 , pipe eyebrows with Chocolate Light N Fluffy .

Airbrush face , according to the colors on the picture .

Using tip # 1, pipe mouth and eyes with Black icing .

Using tip # 45 , ice body with white icing , pipe triangle shape for the sleeves on each side.

Using small , offset spatula  smooth icing forming fabric flow, then pipe a

front stripe and a rounded collar.

Attached plastic diploma to the body .

Using tip # 2 , pipe hands .

Using tip # 3 , pipe hair , with Chocolate Light N Fluffy .

Add Graduation hat as shown .

*Flesh colors can vary but color shown is achieved by mixing a touch of Pink, Yellow  & Brown into white buttercreme

Decorating tip courtesy of CSM Bakery Solutions